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Each card has special affirmation of the crystal 3 benefits-zodiac sign zodiac sign chakra symbol and element symbol for each crystal card

- 2 information cards including zodiac signs & chakra symbols for those who don’t memorize all the symbols ( each symbol you see on the crystal card is explained on the info cards) 
-Special Design box 
-10cm x 13cm 
-330 gsm paper
You can use this deck in your tarot readings for more insight as a oracle deck or perfect for daily use ( you can repeat the affirmations)
 Also looks perfect as a homedecor can make your living or any room you wish entertaining 
You can choose the box color ( pink version - dark version) card designs are the same for each box if you choose the dark edition back of the cards will match with the box
We are selling fast if you’re interested don’t wait and miss out your deck :)
 This deck is for you if you’re interested and fascinated by crystals/gem stones - if you love oracle decks -if you’re a tarot reader - or you’re someone that likes to buy cool & unique items

Dark Crystal Deck



    DENIYORUZ AMK.001.jpeg
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